Who is Himanshu Joshi

I ams a product manager and certified Google Analytics implementation partner. 

Before moving into Product Management, I ran a start up for more than a year and gained expertise in digital and affiliate marketing

I also provide career guidance and product management interviews help to fresh graduates and experienced professional who want to start their career as a product manager.  

My Work Experience

However, my true journey into e-commerce Product Management started with Zivame in 2014. Zivame is India’s biggest online lingerie store.

I started with understanding the existing and the new product features and their changes based on the data analysis.


I was also avidly involved in analytics using Google Analytics & Comscore DAX.


You see it’s interesting when you can predict the metrics based on historic data of a product. It’s just like foretelling what will be the trend.


Working with Zivame gave me a breakthrough to the world of Product Management and understanding the concept behind it and how a product is born, is being nurtured to make it appealing and stand the test of time, in this case, it is the market trend. I enjoyed my work thoroughly there.


As I have mentioned earlier, I have been a Product Manager for most of my career.


Here is where Abof made its appearance.


Abof happened in the year 2015. Now with firsthand experience in Product Management, I was ready to face more challenges and undertake more promising roles in the e-commerce sector. In my new role as a Product Head, there were more things added to my platter.


You ask wasn’t I a Product Manager earlier? Yes, I was, but this time I had more responsibilities to take and much to learn.


As a Product Head, I was involved in planning, executing, and measuring the impact of new features that directly affected customer’s minds, helping them to make decisions or act in purchasing a product.


It helped to turn a target customer into a smooth conversion and generating revenue. So there was much more technicality to this. For this to happen, I took care of the personalization of promotions and offers that were planned and executed based on user behavior and interest or interaction on the website.


Apart from promotions, I took care of planning, then executing the plans, and finally measuring the new promotions and how fruitful the results were.


Something new that I was involved in here was Marketing Automation and Remarketing. Marketing Automation, as the name suggests, allows you to interact with your existing and potential clients.


It enables you to understand how satisfied your existing customers are, in less time.


I gained experience with mobile app strategy as well where I could plan based on user interaction and behavior.

Some of my core analytics checkboxes at Abof include


  • End-to-end implementation and training for Google Analytics,

  • Expertise in Big Query to mine hidden data

  • Advanced marketing segmentation and retargeting based on user behavior

  • Optimization of promotions and discounts.

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